What On Earth Is Geothermal Heating In Chester, VA

Geothermal heating is a type of heating system that uses the sun’s energy or heat and circulates it through your home. Geothermal heating has been around since the Paleolithic era and is the most natural way to heat your home. Here are some things you should know about it.

How It Works

The earth stays a consistent temperature no matter what, regardless of how the temperature is changing. It is able to maintain its temperature because it absorbs all of the sun’s energy throughout the entire year. A geothermal heat pump is used to extract hot air from the ground and circulate it up and out through a heat pump which then carries the air through the ductwork in your house.


Geothermal heat is more efficient than any other type of heating because it does not burn fuel to heat your home. Instead, it just moves warm air from one location (the earth) to another (your home). It is also a much more even heat, since the ground typically maintains the same temperature all year round. You will be much less likely to have pockets of colder air in some parts of your home than in others.


The upfront costs of a geothermal heating system can be thousands of dollars, and less if you are installing it as part of a new home you are having constructed. However, you will easily recuperate the cost of the initial install in a few years and you will have more comfortable, more efficient heat.


When you are heating your home with a regular furnace, you can usually hear it when it first kicks on for the day, and sometimes you can hear it even while it’s supposed to be operating quietly in the background. With geothermal heating in Chester, VA, you probably will not hear a thing unless you are right next to it. Many people state that geothermal heat pumps are about as loud as a regular refrigerator.


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