Regular Servicing Steps For Your Gas Furnace

In order to keep your energy costs down and make sure your house stays warm in winter months, the furnace in your home must be in good working order. Several factors can decrease the efficiency of your unit, and as a rule, only a trained professional can safely and adequately address all possible issues. To keep your unit working smoothly, start by contacting a gas furnace service in Midlothian, Virginia. A skilled technician will go through a series of steps to ensure that your furnace is in proper operating condition.

First, a technician will check the air filters that stop dirt and debris from entering your unit. If you have dirty filters made from cardboard and fiberglass, they will be discarded and replaced. Dirty filters made from plastic must be vacuumed, then washed and air-dried. If your furnace has a dirty electronic air filter, the technician must follow the procedures outlined in the accompanying manual for that product.

All furnaces have blower motors with bearings that must remain well-lubricated in order to function properly. Many motors are lubricated at the factory and sealed. During servicing, the repair person does not typically need to worry about pre-lubricated bearings unless there are obvious problems. However, the bearings in a non-pre-lubricated motor must periodically receive a few drops of oil. A gas furnace service in Midlothian, Virginia, can determine which type of unit you have.

A furnace has a burner, as well as components that spread the heat generated by that burner. Typically, these parts will last for a long time. However, they can malfunction and cause serious problems. During servicing, the technician will visually inspect the burner, the venting system and the heat exchanger on your unit, look for any indications of damaging corrosion and make sure each component works properly. During inspection, the heat exchanger is typically removed in a multi-step process.

For more information on required maintenance for your unit, ask your gas furnace service in Midlothian, Virginia.


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