Prevent Allergic Reactions This Summer

Use High Efficiency Particle Air Filters

Spring and summer allergies are a serious health problem for many individuals, but improving indoor air quality can reduce symptoms. Using air conditioning systems to remove pollen from the air is recommended frequently by allergists. The best way to eliminate the most pollen in a home is by using specialty air filters in an air conditioner. Inexpensive air filters are able to trap large particles, but for the best cleaning, use a high efficiency particle air filter instead. Also known as a HEPA filter, this device helps to prevent symptoms such as runny noses, coughing and sneezing.

Help Prevent Allergic Reactions This Summer

In Hopewall, VA, summer is a difficult time for anyone with hay fever or other allergies. Having a quality Trane air conditioner that helps remove allergens is vital in both private residences and businesses. Having filtration systems attached to air conditioners can also reduce high humidity levels that lead to mold growth which causes additional allergy systems. Not only are allergens sucked into a building by air conditioners, people bring pollens inside on their clothing and bodies. Poor air circulation causes a lot of health problems unless it is addressed with the proper Trane equipment.

Call an Air Conditioning Technician Today

Improving indoor air quality in Hopewell, VA, is easy with professional technicians who know how to install permanent filtration systems or HEPA air filters. Permanent filtration systems are typically installed along with HEPA air filters inside air conditioners to clean incoming air. A great company to call is Weather Crafters Heating and Air Conditioning with professional technicians ready to inspect a building to provide advice on the best Trane equipment to reduce allergens. With over 45 years in this industry, Weather Crafters Heating and Air Conditioning offers routine maintenance, fast installations and emergency repairs.

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