5 Tips For Maintaining A Geothermal Heating System In Chester, VA

If you have problems with your Geothermal Heating in Chester, VA there are a few basic DIY troubleshooting tips you can follow. These heating systems are easy to keep up and proper maintenance is the most important factor to keeping your unit running without a hitch.

  • Check the thermostat at least once a month. If the thermostat uses batteries, then keep them fresh so it continues to works at its full power.
  • Choose air filters that suit your needs. There are two basic filter types, disposable and non-disposable. You can throw away disposable filters after the first use. There is no need to reverse the filter or remove the dust. You can clean non-disposable filters. Make sure you look over them every other month and clean them according the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Examine the condensation pans at least once a year, especially during heavy cooling periods. Clear any clogs, drain excess fluids and watch for algae. If you see algae have the unit professionally treated.
  • Inspect the ducts once a year or more. Locate every visible duct and make sure they are all connected. Also, look at the registers in each room. They should all be open and have good airflow.
  • There are units that have LED lights that display the status of different system parts. Look at the lights first if you have problems. This gives you a general idea about where the problem is located. The owner’s manual should have a guide to what the lights mean. It will also tell you how to fix problems for each system part.

Although these DIY tips are helpful, it is still a good idea to have your system checked at least a couple of times a year. In addition, you may run into issues that are best handled by a professional. Call a HVAC company with experience in Geothermal Heating in Chester, VA that can keep your unit running smoothly all year round.


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